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OUR APPROACH; is to become  familiar with our clients’ products, markets and budget. This includes understanding current suppliers and transportation partners. Our goal is to identify areas where Sinaia Logistics can make a difference and add value. Sinaia Logistics can provide services that combine carrier management, load planning, lane and market reviews and other value added transportation analysis while also booking and managing the customers daily transportation needs.


Our sales and operations teams are trained to work with our customers to provide information and solutions in today’s market place. Our goal at Sinaia Logistics is to consult with our customers and discuss volume, equipment needs and price parameters.  With this information we can plan our solution, create our SOP and discuss a review process to ensure that we monitor our execution and success. Our core mission is to identify problems and provide solutions.

We help logistics/shipping managers like you to reduce the time it takes to manage their inbound and outbound freight. Including finding and vetting the right carriers as well as monitoring them every step of the way, which can save someone in your position 2-5 hours per week or more. We will find reliable drivers that strive to be on time with every delivery. Here at Sinaia Logistics you are more than a contract and we genuinely care about your companies needs, we provide transportation management services to many customers in various industries, but we focus on building and fostering long-term relationships with both carriers and customers.


As a freight broker, we see ourselves as an extension of our customers logistics department and our carrier’s sales department. Providing services to both parties in a fair and equitable manner, we work around the clock to get freight delivered when and where it’s needed at the most competitive and fair price for both the customer and the carrier. Most importantly, we go the extra mile to ensure we utilize quality trucking companies for our customers. Checking performance and compliance history on every carrier we use helps to ensure our carrier partners are reputable and safely transporting freight. Let our specialists of the transportation industry show you how easy we can make it for you.



We understand the concerns of the drivers as well, we are honest and fair. If a shipper quotes a price for a load, that is what is paid minus the small percentage as a broker fee. No skimming off the top of the load amount. Our company’s strategic vision is to create a winning team of dedicated carriers and make them true partners so that they are also successful.

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